Risks And Side Effects Of Covid19 Vaccine

Risks And Side Effects Of Covid19 Vaccine

Jan 18, 2022

Vaccines are nontoxic and protect lives. The speedy development of COVID-19 vaccines has people asking questions. Here is a summary of the reactions and side effects, you can expect.

Coronavirus outbreak was started in Wuhan province of China and within a short period of time, it became a global health pandemic. Coronavirus spread in every country across the globe and caused millions of deaths.

When the pandemic was begun there was no vaccine available in the entire world to cure coronavirus infection but within a year of coronavirus outbreak, only a handful country are able to develop effective vaccines.

USA, India, Russia & UK are the countries who were able to develop and test the vaccine in record time since it is a global pandemic so every country for vaccine shots.

The vaccine becomes the primary need for every country to start their immunization program, today we will go through detailed explanation about vaccine immunization and its side effects.

What is vaccination?

Vaccination is a safe and effective way to protect people from any harmful infection or diseases before they come into contact with that infection. In this method, the body uses your immune system to build resistance against harmful germs or virus and make your immune system much stronger.

Vaccination or vaccine trains your immune system to produce antibodies against particular bacteria or virus which helps to keep you safe from getting infected. The vaccine contains killed or weakened form of bacteria or virus which trigger an immune response of your body.

A small number of bacteria or virus in the vaccine do not cause disease or infection it only trains the immune system although it does cause minor or moderate side effects. Most of the vaccines are usually given by injection.

How does the vaccine work in the body?

We already know vaccine use dead or weakened germ to build your immune system stronger so this make you less likely to get infected in future. Lets figure out how your immune system responds to the vaccine.

Once you are vaccinated, your body recognizes invading bacteria or virus and start producing antibodies to build resistance against invading germs. Antibodies are proteins which are produced naturally by the body to combat harmful germs.

After vaccination, your body remembers the disease and now your immune system is trained how to fight against a particular disease. If you come in contact with a similar type of bacteria or virus in future, your body quickly recognizes germ and quickly destroy it producing antibodies.

Therefore vaccination is a safe, effective and clever way to protect our bodies from dangerous infection. Our immune systems are naturally designed to remember, once your body gets one of the multiple shots of vaccine it can protect you from infection for years or even for a lifetime.

This process makes vaccine the most effective way to build immunity against harmful infections.

Why should I get covid19 vaccine?    

Getting jab of covid19 vaccine is important just like other vaccines. Since coronavirus is highly contagious and puts lives at greater risks so it becomes necessary for all of us to make vaccine jab at our turn.

A part from corona virus there are various other diseases which are life threatening and as per WHO reports, vaccines saves about 2-3 millions lives per year.

COVID19 infection has already caused more than 1 million deaths worldwide and corona virus infection cases are keep increasing with time in many countries.

Due to the high number of corona infections and deaths, many countries were left with no choice but completely locking down entire population in the house for a certain period of time, lockdowns have caused severe economic crisis across the world.

To avoid getting infected and break the chain of infection, it is important for all of us to take the vaccine jabs.  

Side effects of covid19 vaccine?

Since most of the countries around the globe have already started immunization program to vaccinate their population against covid19, at the same time there are massive rumors about side effects amongst peoples.

Some peoples even believe that covid19 vaccine can cause severe side effects and those side effects can last for a long period of time, which simply is not true in most cases. Severe side effects can be experienced in only rare cases.

However, most of the covid19 vaccine use dead or weakened virus so you can expect minor to moderate side effects because when your body receives that virus via injection to stimulate immune response than you may feel some side effects.

What those side effects can be?

Well, those side effects can be very similar to corona infection but at very low intensity. Those side effects can be fever, fatigue, headache, pain, redness, muscle pain, joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, nausea and vomiting.

These are the common symptoms can be expected after getting covid19 vaccine jab, most of these side effects can occur after 1-3 days after getting vaccine shot and these symptoms can last for 2-3 days.

If you feel any severe side effects for more than 2-3 days than you must contact doctors for further assistance.

Who can get the vaccination?

Since vaccine rarely causes any major side effects. So nearly everyone can get vaccinated.

Although individuals with a severe medical condition should avoid vaccination, individuals who are already getting the vaccine for any other vaccine should consult a doctor before getting covid19 vaccine jab.

There are various other factors should keep in mind or tell the doctor before getting vaccinated.

 If you have history of severe allergies from any type of vaccine than you should avoid corona vaccine jab or tell you doctor before getting the jab.

Individuals with chronic illness or individuals who are taking chemotherapy should avoid corona vaccine shot.

If you are having high fever because of any other problem at the day of vaccination than avoid vaccine for that day, take the jab once fever is cured.